Caring for Your Eyes

Keep your eyes healthy and your vision bright for a lifetime through proper eye care. The first step is to keep annual eye examinations with Dr. Womack. He can detect diseases of the eye which may prevent permanent damage to the eye when caught early enough. Also, be sure to follow Dr. Womack’s recommendations for at home care by wearing your contact lenses only as prescribed. Extended wear of your lenses can not only misshape your eyes but may also lead to dryness or even more serious and uncomfortable complications.

First Visit

At your first visit, you can expect to receive a vision assessment and a complete eye health assessment. Dr. Womack will review all findings and share them with you. Taking into consideration your personal goals, Dr. Womack will make personalized recommendations for corrective lenses fitting to the condition of your eye. Also, pending his findings during your vision and eye health assessments, he may wish to dilate your eyes during this visit. If you wear contacts, a contact lens evaluation and management exam will be performed as well.

Are you open during lunch?

Yes, we are open during lunch unless we are having a team meeting. If you’d like to come by during lunch, feel free to give us a call to ensure we are available during your desired time frame.

Online Patient Forms

Now you can fill patient forms out and submit them to us online before your appointment so we can attend to your needs more safely, securely and quickly in the office.


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