Spectacle Prescriptions

With every comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Womack will determine your spectacle prescription as part of the exam. Most patients choose to have the script filled at his office due to the wide array of quality frames available. The frames and lenses Dr. Womack carries are hand selected by him and his staff based on quality and style. Rest assured the frames you select will last and look great!

It is important to have a pair of glasses with an accurate prescription. If the prescription is wrong, it can lead to eye strain and headaches. Be sure to have your prescription checked every year to ensure your vision hasn’t changed. If your vision has remained the same but you want different frames, we can accommodate you.

If you primarily wear contact lenses, you still need a pair of glasses with an up-to-date prescription that you use as a back-up. You never know what can happen to your contact lenses. You may find that wearing glasses for a day or two can provide some relief from dryness and irritation.

Are you able to repair or fix broken glasses?

Yes, in some situations we are able to repair your glasses. Keep in mind, when you purchase your glasses through Bright Eyes, you have a one-year warranty to replace your glasses so long as you have the glasses with you.

Is there a warranty on the glasses I purchase from Bright Eyes Family Eyecare?

Yes. If you break your glasses within one year of purchasing them, we will replace them as long as you can bring the glasses in with you. If your lenses are scratched, those can be replaced within a year of purchasing them, and certain lens coatings will provide you with a two-year scratch warranty!


Be sure to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, so make sure your prescription is up-to-date.


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