Contact Lens Fitting

Most people who need corrective lenses choose to wear contacts for comfort and/or fashion. Since the size and shape of your eyes are unique, your prescription and tear chemistry are just of a few factors which play a vital role in selecting the contact that will work best for you.

Finding the best contact lens is much like choosing a pair of jeans. Most people may try on several different pairs of jeans in an effort to find the pair that fits comfortably and looks good. The same is true with your contact lenses, and the process of finding the correct contact lens is simple.

First, Dr. Womack will make recommendations on lenses to best fit your eyes as well as your lifestyle. Next, Dr. Womack will have you try on different lenses in his office. Together, you will determine the pair that feels the best. Over the course of the next few days, you will evaluate how they work for you. If you find that they are not comfortable, come back to the office and try on a few more. This process is called a “contact lens fitting.” It is necessary to ensure you have the long-term vision solution you need.

Contact lens prescriptions are good for one year. Annual exams are necessary to evaluate not only the prescription, but to also ensure no health complications have developed. Your eye shape and prescription can also change frequently. Be sure to visit Dr. Womack annually to stay current on your contacts and to renew your contact lens prescription.

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Be sure to visit Dr. Womack yearly to stay current on your contacts and to renew your contact lens prescription.


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